Matte Black Designs x E46 BMW NATION

A message from Matte Black Designs

Hello E46 BMW NATION friends, family, and customers! We are excited to share our custom e46 products with you guys. After owning our e46 for less than a month, the rear ashtray broke and instead of buying an expensive (and defective) OEM replacement, we decided to make a better one. We were able to rapidly prototype a replacement that not only looked 10x better but is also more durable and will not deteriorate over time like the original. From there we continued to make a custom addition to the front ashtray, and we plan on making more products for the e46 in the future.

We also offer customized covers. We can put your cars name, your Instagram tag, your business's logo, etc on our products. If you need a custom aux cord port or switch panel we can do that too! If you are interested, please email us at!



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